Reasons Why Health Education Is Important

Let us try to understand the meaning of health. What do you mean by health? Is it just the absence of illness in your body, or is it something broader than that? Let me explain to you the concept of health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a condition wherein your body is physically, mentally, and socially comfortable and happy. It goes without saying that he is free of all illnesses and has a sense of safety and security.

Health is the greatest wealth that you can have. A healthy body is the storehouse of a healthy mind. This is the reason health education has found its place in schools and colleges to make students aware of how to be cautious in terms of health. Health Education imparts knowledge on what are the important factors to consider in order to stay healthy; what things should be done and what should not be done; what is important in order to stay healthy and what is not; what should be consumed and what should not; if you have symptoms, where should you show them and how to recognise early symptoms in order to avoid that particular disease.

What Health Education?

Health education can be called science that works with biological aspects, environmental aspects, psychological aspects, physical and medical aspects are also involved in it to spread awareness about how to remain healthy along with prevention of diseases, disabilities and early death through education-oriented activities.

The Aims of Health Education

  • To share knowledge and details about health and the importance of it in our lives. Remaining healthy is important so that your body is free of all illnesses. If you are suffering from any sickness, then how can you cure it? And all this can be done only when people have the right information about it.
  • To inspire habits of healthy living so as to act for the prevention of disease. Now what are the habits of healthy living? You can take yoga as an answer. Physical activities, nowadays,social distancing, washing hands regularly, being hygienic will keep us away from diseases.
  • To save the public from coming into contact with communicable diseases by taking appropriate actions against the spread of diseases.
  • To improve the emotional and mental well-being of a person, which will help the person to remain physically as well as mentally fit and fine. If you are struggling with depression or anxiety, you can reach out to the helpline numbers to talk out and share your difficult situation and get proper guidance about it.
  • To spread awareness in society to inspire people to lead a healthy life.

Objectives of Health Education

  • To have no negative attitude towards great health and to give proper attention to physical Fitness. Awareness is a vital element in the long run to keep yourself motivated and aim to lead a healthy life.
  • To remain self-satisfied with a personal value system and a contented relationship with the elderly. When you are physically fit, there is a feeling of self-satisfaction within you and it creates a positive environment.
  • To set an example of leading a healthy life through the medium of students. Along with mental health, good physical health is also admired. So, students should be instilled with the healthy behavior that is desirable.
  • To increase the awareness of people with regard to the ill effects of smoking, alcohol and other addictions.

The Importance of Health Education

  • People should be made aware of chronic diseases like diabetes, which once occurred, stay in the body for a lifetime. Hence, it becomes very important to make people aware of how it occurs so that preventive measures can be adopted to stop it happening.
  • Educating the members of the family on how a pregnant woman should be taken care of. And what vaccines need to be provided to the new born baby. All this information is very important to be known so that maternal as well as infant health can be taken good care of.
  • People are to be made aware of the harmful effects of tobacco and other addictions which can cause serious life-threatening conditions in the body. Therefore, the consumption of such harmful substances should be avoided.
  • Mental health is not openly acknowledged by society as an important aspect of a person’s overall health determiner. By effective health education, timely identification of stress, anxiety and depression is aimed to be recognized and efforts are inspired to be put into solving the issues causing the problems.

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