How to Improve Liver Health With Liver Health Formula?

The liver is one of the crucial organs in the human body. It helps to remove all the toxic salts and liquids from our bodies. Also, It allows our body to produce different types of hormones. It stimulates the bile juice, which is stored in the gall bladder and helps digest the food. The bile juice helps break down the food into fatty acids processed in the digestive organs, like the small and large intestines. The fuel of the human body, blood, passes through the liver. The functions of the gall bladder and whole digestive tract depend on the liver.

What Exactly is Liver Health Formula?

Liver Health Formula is like a health research program where we learn about various functions, importance, advantages, and disadvantages of food that we eat on our organ ‘Liver’ in the human body. We also understand multiple factors and functions of the human body that directly and indirectly depend on the liver. As professionals say, every part of our body depends on each other to function correctly. It mainly focuses on the detoxification of the organ and then the ways to improve liver health. It also focuses on the medicines and food consumed during liver-related diseases or for improving liver stability for longer health goals.

What are the Symptoms of any liver-related diseases?

Many liver-related symptoms indicate liver disease or the beginning stage of an infection in the body. Many people don’t realize these symptoms unless there is severe pain or damage in the organ, as the liver is a powerful organ in the body. It can bounce back until it is completely damaged, and also, as mentioned before, it plays a high importance in body functioning. Also, It helps the food break down and convert it into glucose. It also helps in storing glucose as glycogen in the body. In critical situations, glycogen turns into glucose to produce the required energy in the human body.

Few primary symptoms that can help you to find liver-related issues:

  • Weight Loss without any proper diet or effect
  • Loss of appetite, you need to find food interesting.
  • High Blood Pressure in the body
  • Fluid Accumulation, swelling in the body parts
  • Jaundice, yellowish color on skin and eyes
  • Itching on skin
  • Nausea, dissatisfaction, and vomiting sensations due to smelling 
  • Dark color urine discharge
  • Mental Disorders like high stress, depression, fatigue, etc
  • Disorders like Cirrhosis, Ascites, and Edema in the body.

What are the significant functions of the liver?

As mentioned before, many organs in our body depend on the liver’s functioning. So it is vital to maintain our liver health properly to avoid further complications. Here are a few main functions of the organ:

  • Producing Bile juice in the human body
  • Playing as a filter in the human body
  • Avoiding poisonous salts or enzymes entering into the blood vessels
  • Removing toxic salts and liquids in the body through excretion
  • Removing extra sodium, magnesium, or any other salts through urine
  • Breaking fats like oils and greasy food items into fatty acids
  • Maintaining good cholesterol in the body
  • Avoiding bad cholesterol
  • Excreting different and valuable hormones in the body
  • Breaking Proteins and carbohydrates in the body
  • The liver also removes various drugs from the human blood vessels
  • Stores Glucose as Glycogen
  • Turning Glucose into Glycogen and vice versa when needed
  • This glucose is essential for the body to survive and beat hunger in the body in necessary situations
  • It also helps to be active for an extended period
  • Blood purification and detox processes
  • Secretion of pancreatic hormones in the body
  • It plays a crucial role in the clotting of blood factors.
  • Resisting Infections in the body
  • Produces specific proteins for blood plasma
  • Liver-produced proteins carry various functions in the body
  • Good cholesterol production in the liver has vital nutrients throughout the body.
  • Maintains body energy level in the form of glucose
  • It also supports the immunity level in the body
  • Fights with microorganisms in the body
  • Removes harmful bacteria from the blood cells 

What are the causes of the unhealthy liver in the body?

Many habits we follow in our day-to-day life can cause liver damage or infections in the human body. A few of them include the following:

  • Consumption of Alcohol
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Overconsumption of Salts and Sugar
  • Being in contact with smoking persons or smoking
  • Obesity, being more weight than required for your age
  • Lack of exercise
  • Imbalance in daily routine
  • Unable to follow necessary food habits or a balanced diet.
  • Exposure to other’s blood and body fluids
  • Sharing injecting needles
  • Viral infections, for example, Covid-19
  • Consuming Junk food for an extended period
  • Overdose of medicines
  • Unprotected Sex
  • Consuming unprescribed medicines
  • Drug Intake in the body
  • Being in contact with few chemicals and toxic gases
  • Heredity with liver damage or diseases
  • High-fat consumption leads to fatty liver

How to avoid Liver diseases in our bodies?

There are many ways to avoid liver diseases or liver damage. As mentioned before, the liver is a powerful organ in our body. It will bounce back until it is completely damaged. The main thing everyone should do to keep their liver healthy is to clean or detox the organ. Detoxification can be done in many ways too. However, proper detoxification is done without consuming medicines and naturally with just a few simple home ingredients and remedies. A few of them include the following:

  • Drink the right amount of water. The prescribed amount of water to drink is around 3-4 liters for men and 2-3 liters for women daily.
  • Avoiding intake of carbohydrates unnecessarily
  • Avoiding Salt and Sugar
  • Include vegetables like Kale, broccoli, Sprouts, and Radishes. Frying these food items is not recommended. Eat raw or boiled.
  • Check your BP level. It should be neutral.
  • Test your blood sugar level. Diabetes may cause liver problems due to an imbalance in insulin levels.
  • Ingredients like mustard, garlic, and turmeric play an essential role.
  • Beetroots, Avocadoes, and Mushrooms are helpful too.
  • Using extra virgin Olive Oil is good for the liver.
  • Drinking coffee may also be helpful in inflammation to a limit.
  • Fasting for some time and eating regular meals are helpful.
  • Avoid any herbal drinks or medicines during the process.

Note: Overconsumption of any food may cause side effects, including water(swelling of body parts). So it is recommended to consume accordingly concerning your body conditions, with the help of a certified doctor or dietician. 

The above basic detoxification methods are only for an ordinary person with no liver diseases or other body problems. For further details, visit a nearby certified doctor in your area.

We hope the article was informative and gave you an idea of the liver health formula and awareness program, and we wish you a healthy life ahead.

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