Effective Cable Chest Exercises for Muscle Growth and Posture Improvement

Cable chest exercises basically target the muscles of the chest using a cable machine. Basically, pectoral muscles force tension on muscles for effective muscle contraction. It includes various exercises such as press, fly and pull down, that target all parts of the chest muscles.

Cable crossover chest exercise

This exercise basically focuses on the lower pectoralis muscle group. 

Follow these steps while performing this exercise

  • Attach a single handle above your head on every single tower.
  • Grab the handle in each hand and stand in the middle of the towers also have your body weight in your front foot.
  • Start with your arms out wide
  • Now pull the cables downwards in front of you crossing one arm over the other into full extension.
  • Return to starting position slowly.
  • Now do a crossover with alternating arms performing each rep.
  • Keep your torso mostly still and allow your chest to pull the weight forward rather than through created momentum. 

Cable fly(middle chest workout)

The cable fly exercises your middle chest muscles.

Follow these steps while performing this exercise

  1. Attach a single handle above shoulder height on each cable tower.
  2. With a handle in each hand, stand in the middle of the towers and step forward into a split stance. Transfer your weight onto your front foot by bending the front knee.
  3. Put a slight stretch in your chest and shoulders.
  4. Now pull the cables together in a sweeping motion so that your hand meets in the front of your body with palms facing each other.
  5. Hold your hand in position for some time and feel the squeeze in the chest and control the weight.

Low cable fly

It works on the upper chest muscles

Follow these steps while performing this exercise

  • Attach a single handle to the bottom
  • Hold a handle in each hand and stand in the middle of the towers and then step forward after that lean forward onto your front foot, bending the knee.
  • As your arms are pointing downwards to start off keep a small bend in your elbows.

Chest exercises Increase muscle thickness

A high-intensity chest muscle training will increase the thickness of the muscles if you compare a chest workout with that of a tricep workout one may see a better thickness in muscles in the chest workout  building chest muscles may have different results in men or women

Chest exercises improve body posture

 Many of us have a weird posture during walking due to laziness and sometimes we may also get bullied for that therefore to improve our body posture we need to do chest exercises that will stretch our muscle tissues that build tension that connects our ribs but this will not happen in one time we have to train our muscles on regular basis but whenever you are performing any exercises you should always do with safety because your safety must be your first priority.

Safety measures one must follow during cable chest exercises 

Warm-ups are necessary

Warming up before any exercise is necessary as it helps you to prepare for an intense workout. One should do 10 minutes of warm-up before chest exercises and after warm-up take a 4-5 minutes rest so that your muscles got recuperate. For a range of effective warm up exercises to perform before your workout, check out these dynamic warm-up stretches before diving into your chest workout.

Focus on form instead of weight

Training in a poor form is a shortcut way to injuries also if one is training in the wrong position he or she may not get the proper results and this problem occurs basically when someone puts more weight in the machine than required which causes dis balancing in a chest workout. Hence proper reps and training are more essential than just focusing on more weight.

Now, at last, after discussing a lot about cable chest exercises I can say that for the better development of the ribs muscles and to improve the upper position of our body. chest muscle exercise has a very important role. Also, exercises are only worth it when they are performed in a proper manner and in a proper position irrespective of weight which is not much important but you should increase your weight drastically so that your muscle strength also improves and you get a better thickness in your chest muscles.

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