Choosing the Best Biotin Supplement for Hair and Health

Biotin, an essential B vitamin, plays a crucial role in various metabolic processes within our bodies. It aids in the production of glucose and fatty acids by facilitating the functioning of important enzymes called carboxylases. Additionally, biotin promotes healthy hair and nail growth. Due to its beneficial properties, many hair products are marketed as biotin-rich to attract customers. It is important to understand the significance of biotin and how to choose the best biotin supplement for your needs.

Biotin is present in liquid and pills

A person may purchase biotin in liquid bottles or he can buy biotin gummies or capsules according to his need. As various age groups may suffer from biotin deficiency and many old or young people may have problems taking capsules, therefore, they can have liquid biotin.

How much biotin should you take per day?

The dosage of biotin varies by age and is measured in micrograms(mcg). Here is a chart showing various age group biotin needs. 

Age                                                  Dosage

0-6 months                                              5 mcg

7-12 months                                            6 mcg

1-3 years                                                  8 mcg

4-8 years                                                12 mcg

9-13 years                                           20 mcg

14-18 years                                            25 mcg

19+ years                                               30 mcg

Pregnant individuals                     30 mcg

Breastfeeding individuals           30 mcg

Top Biotin Supplements to Consider

  1. Sugar Bear hair vitamin gummies

These are biotin-rich gummies along with several other vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and folic acid. These gummies are advertised as products that support hair growth and health and it takes around 6 months to see the results. 

  1.  OLLY heavenly hair gummy supplement

This supplement contains biotin along with various vitamins and minerals, including keratin and amla. Also, this supplement company claims that this product supports strong and healthy hair growth.

Things must be considered before purchasing biotin supplements.

●      Type of supplement

A person may choose liquid or solid biotin according to his needs.

●      Cost

A person can purchase biotin directly or he may take a subscription in which he gets many other benefits including a return policy or cancel his subscription as his biotin demands decrease. 

●      Company reviews

A person should check various companies’ reviews before buying any product because different companies claim different benefits from their product. 

How to check biotin supplement originality.

  1. Look for barcode

Nowadays every smartphone can read barcodes therefore they can be used to scan barcodes on various products so that it gives the information of the company that produces it along with the review of the company product. 

  1. Check seal and packaging

Look out for various mistakes in the packaging that may include error printing of information and logos and also check the seals of the packaging whether it is broken or not. Also one must remember fake products have low-quality seals. 

  1. Check FSSAI approval on the packaging

It is important to check whether the medicine is approved by the food safety and standards association of India

  1. Look out for hologram

Holograms are a very convenient way of checking the originality of the products because not every company can produce or replicate the original holograms. 

  1. Dissolve in water

Fake products when dissolved in water leave a residue. After that also they produce a pungent smell and even they have a terrible aftertaste.


Now after discussing a lot about biotin and the benefits that we received from its supplements, I can have various observations that include that biotin supplements are something that is produced by various companies and they can be fake also so to check its originality one must have a thorough knowledge about how to check the originality of biotin supplements and even one must take help of a professional to buy best biotin supplement. Major biotin supplement manufacturers advertise their products as they produce hair growth and even they are good for your hair health which gives us an idea that biotin is mainly responsible for hair growth. Even a deficiency of biotin can cause various skin problems and different age people have different biotin level needs which must be considered before taking any biotin supplement as an overdose of biotin may cause insomnia and urination-like problems.

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